ErgoWrist (wrist rest)
ErgoWrist (wrist rest)

ErgoWrist (wrist rest)

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Like most that deal with a computer daily, we found ourselves with constant hand/wrist pain. So, we decided to take on the challenge of finding a proper solution that would eliminate hand pain forever. The ErgoWrist is an ergonomic wrist/palm rest that fits your hand perfectly, allowing for a comfortable experience for those long hours.


As we have gone a "viral" from tiktok(thank you) we are experiencing delays.

US: 6-10 business days

Canada: 7-12 business days

Rest Of World: 7-15 business days

Ergonomic design
No More Hand Pain

With our human focused design we were able to connect the wrist, palm, and hand together for a comfortable and natural feel. Eliminating hand and wrist fatigue.


The truth is that straining your wrist all the time and ignoring it can cause serious injuries such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, which can be costly to get surgery done and will most likely still come with various lifelong side effects.

Some common early signs of CTS(carpal tunnel syndrome) include:

Wristpainnumbness and tingling in your hands, burning sensation that can travel up your arm, sudden weakness, and shaky hands.

The ErgoWrist works by lifting your palm about 1cm, allowing the wrist to be at level with your hand and arm. This change relieves strain on the wrist and increases blood flow reducing wrist and hand pain.

We don't recommend other "wrist rests" on the market because other wrist rests can significantly damage your hands. Other wrist rests do this by blocking your carpal tunnel(the underside of your wrist), which will reduce blood flow in that area, causing all sorts of serious problems.

Instead, the ErgoWrist adds support to your palm, pulling off the wrist's strain and increasing blood flow to the underside of that area.

The ErgoWrist will work on any smooth surface. This includes surfaces such as wood, glass, and mousepads.

Our studies found that most people will need at least 1-2 weeks to fully "adjust" to the ErgoWrist.

Based on 15 reviews
So glad I bought this!

I am really glad I bought this! I work on a computer for 8+ hours a day and this has significantly reduced my wrist pain! Seriously incredible. Highly recommend! You won’t be sorry you bought this

Worth the wait

There were some issues with shipping and I received the product a bit later than expected but I enjoy using it so far. It already has a good, relaxing effect on my wrist.

Very satisfied

Great purchase

ErgoWrist (wrist rest)

the perfect fit

I think the best part is that it glides around!

Suprisingly Useful

I play a lot of games and regularly use a keyboard rest for a wrist rest on my mouse hand. This is a really nice replacement for that and moves very well with my hand (would recommend a larger mousepad to use it with).

Would also love to see different sizes to help fit people with smaller hands so I can recommend it to more people.


Good fitting and support, invest in this

Perfect for gaming

As a gamer, I spend a lot of time on my computer and ErgoWrist is wonderful to avoid injury while keeping my performance on top.

Was lucky enough to get this early. First impressions: The overall feel and quality is super nice like something from apple. The fitment is on point and could tell they put some time into it. Shipping was nothing special with it taking a little more than a week but it's worth it.


cool product, like the way it fits my palm

pretty good

like all the other reviews I had a chance to try this out early. The shipping time was just okay but I get that they are a small company so it's not a big deal. The wrist device feels very natural when you use it and I did see an improvement for fatigue. The only thing I wish they changed was to have some type of attachment that would help you not lose the device.

Was given the chance to get this early before it released. As someone who's on the computer for more than 8 hours a day, this has become a game changer. The fit is just perfect and I barley ever notice it.


Was part of the initial early testing for the ergowrist. It's great to see them continue to make great improvements to it.

like it

Didn't know how well it was going to work with my laptop trackpad, but was pleasantly surprised on how it worked. Would recommend

Better than I thought

This actually surprised me on how well it works. fits nicely on my palm and leaves my hand feeling great after a work day.